Legacy of Pearls Foundation, Inc. 

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Welcome to the Legacy of Pearls Foundation 

Thank you for visiting the Legacy of Pearls Foundation Page.

Thank you for a great year!  We were pleased to be able to award Over $11, 000 in scholarships to high school and college students this year.  It has been our pleasure to work tirelessly to make sure students have the funds needed for college essentials and we thank you for your continued support.  As we prepare for the end of the year, we hope that you will consider Legacy of Pearls Foundation.  The end of year giving campaign, BRIGHT FUTURES: Imagine the Possibilities kicked off in October and we have had a great response. We still need your support as we hope to distribute over $15,000 in scholarships and host a variety of community programs to support our organization pillars.

We are excited to serve  families in the metro Atlanta community with programs and activities that create healthy communities.  Legacy of Pearls Foundation inspires people to serve and contribute to the overall health of families and communities.

These program priorities include:

Educational Achievement
Health Awareness
Strengthening Families
Environmental Ownership
Global Impact 

The foundation board and its membership look forward to serving you. Stay connected with the Legacy of Pearls Foundation.

Roxanne Dye Grimes, President